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Municipal Emergency Services

Municipal emergency services this week

16.7.2018 - 22.7.2018

Dr. med. dent. dipl. Zahnarzt Markus Faas
Lindenplatz 1
8408 Winterthur

Dr. med. dent. dipl. Zahnarzt Markus Faas

Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 22.00

Tel.: 052 222 25 33


Winterthur dentists guarantee the residents of Winterthur town and the district of Winterthur a 24 hour emergency service, 365 days per year.

All dentistry practices and the radio control centre for the town’s police, tel. 052 202 65 65, are able to provide information on the emergency dentist. You can receive medication for pain around the clock at the Winterthur station pharmacy, tel. 052 269 12 00.

In the event of accidents or haemorrhaging

Accidents should be treated as quickly as possible. Contact the emergency dentist. Patients can reach the emergency dental service every day until 10.00 pm. The clinic for jawbone and facial surgery at the University Hospital Zurich assumes the emergency service between 10.00 pm and 8.00 am. Contact the clinic on tel. 044 255 50 66.

In the event of dental accidents

If possible, bring the broken piece of tooth in an unsoiled condition; ideally slightly moist (e.g. in milk). Do not attempt to clean the tooth. In case of bleeding, hold a clean handkerchief firmly against the wound. If to hand: Bring insurance documents and vaccination records!

Emergency treatment

The emergency dentist will implement measures to reduce pain, apply interim solutions and prevent further blood loss. Emergencies in the field of jawbone and facial surgery will be transferred to the Winterthur virtual centre for jawbone and facial surgery. This centre is a close network of doctors specialising in jawbone and facial surgery, who practice in the Winterthur area.

Treatment of pain

In case of severe toothache, do not wait until the out of hours service. Call during practice opening times and arrange an appointment. Out with daytime service hours, you can obtain pain relief from the emergency pharmacist at the station tel. 052 269 12 00.


A payment in cash will be required in the event of an emergency treatment. In the case of dental accidents, the accident insurer will cover the costs so please bring your certificate of insurance with you. All costs are calculated in accordance with the SSO tariffs published by the Swiss dentists association. A supplement is charged for out of hours and weekend services.